Demanding Our Fair Shot



The stark disparity between women’s and men’s college athletics became blatantly clear during the 2021 NCAA Division I Basketball Championships. 


This inequity must end. The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association is calling for change – not only from the NCAA, but from its governing board of university leaders and others in academia involved in college sports. Our women’s basketball student-athletes are setting new audience records and attracting more TV viewers than some professional sports that are fixtures on network television. Let’s seize this moment and together elevate women’s basketball to the next level.


We Deserve

Give us OUR FAIR SHOT to compete on a level playing field on and off the court.

Give us OUR FAIR SHOT by providing commensurate sales, marketing and promotional muscle so our women student-athletes get the visibility and recognition for their talents, competitive play and championships they deserve, which will fuel their ability to inspire and serve as role models.

Give us OUR FAIR SHOT by providing female Student-Athletes the same state-of-the-art resources, training facilities, amenities and branded courts as the men.

 Give us OUR FAIR SHOT by giving coaches the same tools for recruitment and other incentives that allow us to identify and nurture the superstars of tomorrow.

Give us OUR FAIR SHOT by recognizing the superior achievements of our female student-athletes when they outperform academically, ascend to leadership roles after graduation and achieve positive life outcomes.

Join the Team

Get in the Game

Side-By-Side • You Decide



Top NCAA women’s basketball executive does not report to NCAA presidentTop men’s basketball executive reports directly to NCAA president
10-year history of funding and staffing cuts to women’s basketballDecades-long financial investments to grow franchise
Primary focus on cost structure and ROI; little focus on growth strategy or investmentFully developed long-term strategy to aggressively align NCAA media and marketing resources for MBB growth
Staff less than half the size of the men’sStaff is twice the size of the women’s
Limited third-party resources to support Division I Championship activation

Extensive vendor and third-party support resources to support Division I activation

No payment to conferences for championship wins Payments of more than $200 million to conferences for championship wins
Division I championship budget is half the size of the men’s Division I championship budget twice the size of the women’s
No sales of premier WBB marketing assets (Wade Trophy, Coaches’ All-America team, Coach of the Year, NCAA/WBCA Coaches’ Trophy) with NCAA as exclusive marketer Millions of sponsorship dollars for the sale of premier marketing assets
Anemic on-court branding of Division I Championship courts, labeled “Women’s Basketball” until Final Four Professional-quality branding of all championship courts and updated branding for Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and Final Four
Final Four sponsorships sold as an add-on to Men’s Final Four Corporate Champions sales, an afterthought Final Four sponsorships packages given priority to any men’s sales to avoid channel conflict
No live streaming or sponsors on an app built from a template with scant features, functionality, or opportunities for monetization App with live streaming and extensive custom features and functionality to drive sponsorships, cross-platform activation and monetization opportunities
No use of March Madness brand including on social media Fully leveraged use of March Madness brand on and off the court, with extensive sponsorship and social media opportunities
Championship branding uses “Women’s” qualifier Championship branding makes no mention of gender
No photos in NCAA digital media hub prior to Sweet 16 Thousands of images in NCAA media hub throughout the championship
No postgame interview transcripts until Sweet 16 Postgame interview transcripts for all men’s games in championship
No pre or postgame lead-ins or follow-up on broadcast Regular pre and postgame lead-ins and follow-ups to game programming for analysis on broadcast
93% graduation rate for Final Four teams 83% graduation rate for Final Four teams
8 of the top 10 social media influencers among student-athletes advancing to the Elite Eight are women 2 of the top 10 social media influencers among student-athletes advancing to the Elite Eight are men
Antigen COVID testing at Division I Championship PCR COVID testing at Division I Championship
One rack of hand dumbbells in training facility at Division I Championship State-of-the-art weight room in training facility at Division I Championship
Pre-packaged cold meals consisting of two boiled eggs and an apple for pregame breakfast Fully loaded hot buffets for pregame breakfast with meats, eggs, fruits, pastries
Skimpy Swag bags/gift suite Over the top quality swag bags/gift suite with designer and premium goods

News Feed

June 23, 2022

Tennessee marks 50th anniversary of Title IX with panel of Lady Vols

Under the watchful gaze of the Pat Summitt statue, an eight-member panel of two athletics directors, two longtime administrators, one head coach and three athletes convened for a roundtable discussion about the 50th anniversary of Title IX, its impact on women’s athletics at Tennessee and the Lady Vols legacy of leadership and excellence in women’s athletics.
June 23, 2022

Title IX at 50: How the early UConn women’s basketball players, coaches and administrators paved the way to a powerhouse

When Karen Mullins injured her knee during her first season on the UConn women’s basketball team in 1975-76, she had to convince the athletic department’s doctor to perform the ensuing cartilage operation.
June 23, 2022

50 years of Title IX: progress and potential

On June 23, Title IX — a civil rights law forbidding discrimination based on sex — turns 50. And with the half-century that has ensued since the passing of the statute, there is certainly progress to celebrate.

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